BOG lunch best seats?

We are having a late lunch in MK in a few weeks,first ever trip to BOG. I know it is find-your-own-seat. Looking for suggestions on best places to sit? Party of 11, kids love Beauty and the Beast! Thanks!!

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There are several different areas. Maybe just take a walk through when you get there and see what’s available and which room appeals to you more. My crew really liked the theming in west wing but the whole place is charming in different ways

I’ve only ever done BOG once and we sat in the main room (ballroom) the theming was amazing but I didn’t like the feel of it…felt a bit like a canteen to me. Looking at the other rooms they looked more cosy/appealing, so if I went again I would opt for one of the smaller rooms.

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No real “best”, it’s just kind of which atmosphere you like the best - and with a party your siaze, where you can find a table :slight_smile:

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Main room IMHO. Lighter, brighter and looks more like the movie. Also HIGHLY HIGHLY suggest pre-ordering food. We didn’t as I like to figure out what I want to eat when I eat - but they didn’t have their act together and it took us over a half hour to just order.

We’ve eaten in all 3 rooms. Our preference is the room to the right, the Rose Gallery. It’s lovely and more cozy than the main ballroom. Better lighting than the West Wing.

But, as @awspoede suggests, take a walk through. You may need to grab whatever is available for your party size.

Agree that all three rooms are great, be sure to tour them all. I liked the rose room best. It has lots of great details.

Thanks everyone!