BOG lunch arrive early?

I think I read somewhere that for lunch at BOG, you can arrive early and not necessarily have to wait until your ADR time to get seated. Is this true? Right now, touring plans has us arriving 15 minutes early for our 12:45 lunch reservation. It would be nice to have that flexibility but I would not want to arrive early knowing that no matter what we will need to wait until our ADR time to sit and eat. Also, if we mobile order then wouldn’t that mean food will be ready at our ADR time regardless of when we get there?

You can show up early, but that doesn’t guarantee you’ll get in early. In fact BOG is notorious for being behind schedule. Also, they don’t make the food until you arrive. This is true for any mobile order establishment.

You don’t mobile order at BOG, you preorder and pay when you arrive. You can also make changes before you pay at the restaurant, so no your food won’t be ready.

At breakfast they normally seat in order of arrival for pre RD ADRs, but apart from that they are notoriously strict on ADR times and will often ask you to go away and come back 5 minutes before your time. And there have been reports that they are getting stricter at breakfast too.


Yes, depends on how busy the park is whether you get seated early. We did have luck with this on our last trip.

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