BOG late lunch arrival at closing time?

So in another thread I am debating on whether BOG lunch is worth it. This thread is logistics.

BOG ADR is at 2:20pm. Festival of Fantasy parade is at 2:00 pm and is 30 minutes. BOG closes at 2:30.

Any one got ideas on how to make this work? I have another day to see parade but would prefer this day. me thinks this is an either/or situation.

The parade starts at the Frontierland / Adventure land border. You could, theoretically, post up there on the Frontierland side watch until 2:15 and then hustle to BOG. (You can’t cross the street once the parade starts so make sure you are on the Splash Mt. side of the street.) It’ll be close and you’ll have to hustle. They will let you in a few minutes late though. I probably wouldn’t try to do both, but this is how I would do it if I needed to.

Thinking that doing both is mutually exclusive. Trying to create 2 plans: one with parade and one with BOG. then adjust the 2nd day items as necessary.

I’m following you in the other thread too. It’s a tough choice. IMHO - you go to BOG to be immersed in BatB and the food is a bonus.

The parade is fun, full of characters & magic + it’s free.

BOG has good food, amazing atmosphere and you get to relax, but is expensive.

I really don’t think you can do both at that time frame. GL!!

The parade is showing as at 3 p.m. today and on the date I’m going in late August. Does it change times?

The the original poster, check the parade time. Last year it was 2 but for all the dates I have looked at the parade is at 3.

currently 2pm

Once the parties start it has changed to 2pm until the last party of the season (Halloween and Christmas) for several years now.

That is likely still to be the case, although the Disney site hasn’t changed the times yet.

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