BOG how close to actual time?

What is the “window” you can show up in for your lunch reservation? I am thinking of trying to get tables for 1 at close intervals so we can eat together.
Is this doable??

I think 15 min is the “standard” window for all ADRs. Some/most places will still try to seat you if you are later, but there may be a wait. BOG is kind of different as it’s actually QS, but takes ADRs, so I’m not sure how it applies specifically to that location.

Thanks! So I got two individual reservations for my husband and me, 5 minutes apart. Do you think I should worry about getting reservations for the kids? Or can I just order more food for my husband and I and call it good?

You’ll need to get ADRs for the kids as well. It’s not a matter of how much food, but rather how many seats are available at any given time.