BOG FPP without hotel reservation

There’s no way to get a lunch BOG FPP if you’re offsite, right? I saw people mentioning they could see availability without putting in a res number, but when I go in it’s the first thing they ask me for. Just making sure I’m not missing something - thanks!

Yes that is correct you must be an onsite guest. If you are staying offsite, however, you can still eat there without too much of a wait. Just schedule an early lunch just before 11 or a late lunch just before two and there shouldn’t be much of a wait.

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We were there in early June. We went over to BOG a little after 11 and there was basically no wait at all, maybe 5 minutes.


Don’t they open earlier? Great tip by the way. We’ve ‘rope dropped’ BOG w success too

They do open earlier but we went over a little laterand it worked out. Was a 5/10 day.

The line really isn’t as bad (except for super peak holidays) as it used to be show up 15 minute pre opening and you should be in within a few minute of opening and ordering.