BOG FPP Account Problem - HELP!

I have been trying to make a BOG FPP and it is only showing me a weeks of availabilty (today and 6 days). I think I’ve identified the problem; the system seems to be stuck with my reservation data from 2 trips ago and is not reading my current reservation info (does not show my current avatar, shows only me in the party). But there is no “link a new reservation” option that I can find. Any suggestions?

I’ve seen reports of this before. And unfortunately from what I recall those that called about it were only told they couldn’t help and to speak with the restaurant on the day of which of course is no use. You can always use your wife’s account (or create one for her) to enter the new reservation which will allow you to enter the new reservation number and should give you the right dates and people.

Yes, you have to do what @Outer1 says - create an account for another member of your party and use that to sign in with the new reservation number. That worked brilliantly for me on my last trip.