BoG Fastpass+ Not Working?

We have a trip planned for Jan 22-27. BoG FP+ website is only showing dates up to Jan 21. We haven’t used this account to book one before… any suggestions on what to do? I tried creating a new account with a new email, but the same thing happened.

Do you have an on-site reservation associated with the account with which you are attempting to register?

Yes. We registered quite a while ago and the correct dates were showing. It’s just been the last week or so that it stops at Jan 21. Our reservation is DVC, not sure if that’s the problem.

We are well inside of 27 days from that date. It is possible that those days are filled up now. Pretty low crowd numbers, so I wouldn’t suspect it… sorry I can’t be of more help.

I will keep playing and keep my fingers crossed for an invitation. Thanks :smiley:

I hope it’s working, my 27th day is on Saturday! My dates are currently showing, but it shows nothing available yet.

FYI, from what I’ve read, an invitation won’t do anything for you. The dates are either available or not. In general, invitations seem to show up 25 days prior… but the actual slots open at 27 days prior. If you can see the 21st and not after that, then I suspect there’s either some glitch or those dates are full.

I just went to take a look… My initial screen shows options for the 17th-the 21st (select a day screen) but if I click the arrow pointing to the right (located mid screen beneath the mickey picture and to the right of the date listing, above the date rectangles) I can get it to show me the 22nd and 23rd… are you clicking that arrow?

Yep, clicking the arrow but it’s like the 21st is the end of the Mayan calendar :smiley: no dates at all after that.

Then it is something specific to you or your reservation. I can see the 22nd and 23rd. are you doing a split stay? How long are your tickets for on your account?

Try having someone else log in with their email and the reservation #… when I reserved, I could only reserve for 4 people. I had to have my mom log in to get a reservation at the same time for her and my dad.

Yeah there’s something funky going on. No split stay, just straight dvc. Tickets are one AP and one five day hopper, purchased and linked. I might have to try creating another dummy email address.

My understanding is the ability to FP BOG is tied to your on-site resort reservation rather than park tickets? This is why you need a resort confirmation number to sign in to the lunch booking site.

By the way, I’m noticing the available dates are showing up on a rolling 27 day schedule rather than just 27 days to the first day of your reservation like regular FP’s. Is this new?

No, not new. Rolling 27 is how it worked for me. I am staying DVC as well… so that shouldn’t be the issue… As long as the DVC stay is linked to the MDE account being used.

We actually called DVC tonight thinking we had nothing to lose. They opened up an IT Ticket. Fingers crossed :smiley:

Good luck! Let us know how this goes, please.

We’re going the third week of April. I checked the BOG fast pass site yesterday and it had my dates but said no fast passes were available. Does this mean They are gone or that I have to wait until my dates get closer (the 27 days everyone talks about).

You probably need to be closer. BOG fast passes were, for me, one of the more frustrating aspects of my last trip. It seemed like the window didn’t open until I was walking out the door to the airport. (It wasn’t really that late, it just felt like it!!). Patience is the key. Obsessive as I am, I’d check once a day, especially when you hit the 60 day point. Then a couple times a day from 40. At 30, chain yourself to the computer!:wink:

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i switch over to the Lines App to see what’s going on there and the first thing I see? A Liner who picked up BOG FP for 2/12. That gives you an idea of about where the calendar is.

I’ve always gotten the feeling that Disney jerks us around on this calendar. Deliberately makes it seem hopeless so that we give up. So, you show the MAN, err Mouse that you’re no quitter!:mouse:

I’m having the same issue and I’ve been checking daily for awhile

@cheerguin how far out are you? Based on today’s results, 30 days seems to work.

That was my experience, too! I was able to get mine once I was 27 or 26 days out. When I attempted to get them before that, it appeared that there were none available. Then the next day, once I hit the 26th-day mark, poof! Fast Passes magically appeared.

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