BOG dinner reservation trade for December 31st?

Not sure if this is allowed, but we have dinner reservations (4 people) for BOG on December 31st at 6:45pm. We also have dessert reservations for the 6:30 pm fireworks show and we are worried that we wont be able to make it over to BOG in time for our reservation (i know they give a 15 minute late window).

Therefore, we are wondering if anyone out there would be interested in trading their later BOG reservation for our 6:45 reservation? Thanks in advance for your consideration and Merry Christmas!

To let you know, you can’t just trade reservations. You can cancel them at a certain time and they will drop back into an open reservation for four. You can tell someone when you plan on doing this but there is NO guarantee they will get them or you yours. For BOG it is highly risky and more likely then not someone else will get them. TP has a reservation finder and as soon as you cancel your reservation a BOT notifies whomever is looking via this route. Think I would hold onto what you have because they are very hard to get at that time. Might want to check with BOG about your problem and see if they will not work something out as far as being late do to other circumstances.

Thank you for your response Doc! I do know that I would have to drop the reservation, I was hoping coordinate with someone on here a time to do that and switch reservations that way. I know its not likely, but I thought it was worth a try since maybe someone would like to dine earlier. I am still using the reservation finder and will continue to watch for a cancellation for a later time. Thanks again and Merry Christmas!

Actually, a real human does the searching for the reservation finder, not a bot.

Really. They must be very observant, always thought it was a Bot. I stand corrected.

As a further FYI, a bot violates the terms of service for using the Disney web site and DIS would shut it down. Using real people to execute the search is of course legal per Disney.

I think they pay foreigners pennies or maybe a dollar an hour to do the searching. I may be wrong, but I thought I saw that somewhere.

Don’t think so as we have the Minimum wage law here in the US.

That is why they hire foreigners I believe. Just like call centers hire foreigners for pennies on the dollar. There is no international minimum wage. That is why companies outsource jobs to foreigners when they can. That’s why almost no clothing is made in the country and you always get an Indian dude on the phone when you need technical support.

Once again I could be wrong in this situation, but it can be done legally if you outsource it.

Understand. Now I get your meaning. Never thought of going outside the country for such as this but your right it is very common if legal.

Here is a link where it is explained. They don’t say exactly how much they pay, but state that it’s around a $1 an hour. Which unfortunately there are places in the world where a $1 would make you a King.

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