BOG dinner or lunch

First I really want to thank touring plans reservation Finder…not only did it get me a dinner ADR for our last night in Disney but now also a lunch ADR for our 2nd day in Disney (both MK days). I’m assuming both experiences are similair but one is CS and one is TS…any thoughts on which is better?

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I’ll preface this by saying that in general I do not care for QS dining; the vast majority of my lunches and dinners are at TS locations. I’ve only eaten lunch there. The restaurant is beautiful; I would consider it a “must see”. The food was no better than any other “CS” meal I’ve had at WDW; the only difference is that they bring it to your table. For me, lunch there was a “one and done”. For my next trip (whenever that might be) I’m strongly considering dinner there.

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Dinner for meeting Beast. And it’s way less chaotic at dinner IMO


I’ve only had dinner there but it was one of my favourite meals. I won’t do it when it goes to 2 credits since I don’t like any of the appetisers, so I’m hoping to try lunch next time. I’ve got my eye on the croque monsieur.


If the Beast is only at dinner then dinner it will have to be!! I’m less interested in meeting the princesses and more interested in meeting the Beast and all the costume characters. We are also doing Crystal Palace and Tusker House.

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We had dinner there in April and I really enjoyed it. DH and I both had the steak and it was quite good as were the sides. We also had a great server which always elevates the experience. And the kids loved meeting the beast!

We also did lunch there last year and really liked it! I think I had the turkey sandwich and we shared some cupcakes which were delicious.

I’d probably be inclined to keep both if you were going to have a QS lunch in MK anyways. I found the lunch and dinner to be totally different experiences. Especially since we actually ate in different rooms so it felt like a completely different restaurant!

Yes he is only at dinner at this time.

We had planned on doing BoG dinner again on our next trip as there aren’t many restaurants we are interested in at MK. The move to two credits made us change our minds. Don’t get me wrong, the food was great when we were there. However, we wanted to try new Signature restaurants this time. The only one we are doing again is Tiffins.

We had lunch there and loved it. Although for over $80 for 5 at technically a QS, I’d hope so. Honestly, other than getting our own drinks, it felt more like TS. I think preordering probably helped. It was a nice break in the middle of a hot and crowded MK day.