BOG dinner - no dining plan

Would you go to BOG dinner if you were paying out of pocket? I have a BOG PPO breakfast (on a EMM day) booked and a BOG dinner booked. But the out of pocket on the dinner is making me really question which one I should keep. I won’t keep both. Opinions?

What I have heard, is since it has changed, it is much much better and worth the money. I’m not sure if I would or not.

I definitely would not use DPP credits because it will cost you two per person for Dinner. Pay out of pocket for this one unless you have DPP credits to spare. Breakfast and Lunch are cheaper and only a QS credit. Can order online and save a lot of time when you get there.

I don’t have the dining plan. I was more wondering if the meal was worth the cost. Thanks for the feedback!!

Opinions vary, but I did not find BOG dinner worth the money spent and would not return. Over $300 for dinner for 2 adults, 2 kids, and 2 overpriced glasses of wine for each adult.

Having said that, I don’t really regret going once so we could experience the castle. I liked the ambiance of being in the castle for a relaxing sit down dinner but not for that money.

Knowing what I know now and if I were in your shoes I would do breakfast. Much cheaper and you still get to see the castle. You won’t get to see the beast - who only comes out at dinner - but the beast doesn’t sign autographs or interact much anyways (you take a picture with him on your way out).

That’s very helpful! Thank you for sharing. I actually wonder if my 5 year old would even go near the beast haha Breakfast is sounding better in my mind.

I’m not sure how breakfast is, but when we went for dinner, it was totally worth it (only 2 adults). We’re not planning to go back this trip, but having the experience once was great!

Worth it because the food was amazing? Or the whole experience? I still haven’t decided for sure either way.

The food was good, not amazing. I just thought the dining rooms and windows and Beast wandering through (although apparently not at Breakfast) were a fun setting to enjoy dinner. Mind you, this was 2 years ago and I believe the menu has been redone since.

For our party of 4 adults, 1 child, the bill came to over $400. Granted, we were on the dining plan and we used our meal credits.

We thought it was worth the 2 dining credits, but I can’t tell you if paying about $100 per person is worth it out-of-pocket for you.

If you’ve never done it, it is really cool eating in the castle and seeing the rose in the glass case. If meeting the Beast sounds exciting to you, that definitely increases the value of the experience. The Beast sits in the front room and anyone dining at BOG for dinner can go and get some photos with him at their leisure. The food was pretty amazing. The lamb chops were excellent and the other diners in our group really enjoyed the fillet mignon. By Disney standards, it’s a decent value.

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Maybe TLDR… but my recent BOG dinner was miserable. $300 wasted. Full details …

My ADR at Be Our Guest can only be described as horrible. I’ll never go back for dinner and probably not for any other meal for a long time. We arrived at 7:50pm for our 8pm reservation. We were told it would be a 15 minute delay to be seated. When I asked if we could sit in the West Wing I was told that it would be an additional hour wait. We settled for first available, even though when I booked the ADR I was told table requests were pretty easy to accommodate. We were admitted into the castle at about 8:20pm – a bit later than expected. From there we sat in a virtually empty Castle Gallery Room. Our hostess, Nadia, who was very nice didn’t greet us for about 10+ minutes. No water, no menus – nothing. This time was spent with us just sitting and waiting. Eventually, we got drinks and bread – there were issues there, but very minor. Then the appetizers arrived. The food at BOG is wonderful, no issues at all. What was an issue is from the time our appetizers arrived until our entrees arrived was more than 40 minutes. I know we were just sitting there when all the fireworks were going off outside and were completely done. Again, we were left to sit with no communication. Nadia did come by twice and refill drinks, but that was really it. No one came by even just to say, “We know you’re waiting and it’ll be out soon” or suggest that we use this extremely long wait for my wife and daughter to explore the other dining rooms. (Which by the way were all about half empty, so that made the waiting even more frustrating.) Furthermore, we were specially told not to get out of our seats to explore the castle. We just sat there hungry, bored and tired.

Once the meal was complete it was time to meet The Beast. I am not exaggerating when I say we were the only people in the Beast study to meet him. The photographer, character chaperone and Beast were just chatting and passing the time. When we walked up we waved and were told, “Sorry, but we have to go now. We’ll be back soon.” I actually understand this as I’ve used to be a Warner Bros. theme park performer and “friends” with Tweedy Bird, Marvin the Martian and Harry Potter. Granted it would have only taken a moment to get us out of the study before going, but when characters need to depart I get it. When The Beast does come back we are still the only people in the room. The chaperone began to bark orders at us like there was a line of 50 people, especially to my wife who was just trying to stand out of the way. Again, I understand, when there’s queue and you’ve got crowd control issues you have to be precise and make it flow. However, you can do it in a pleasant tone and be understanding to confused guests just trying to navigate this area. Was my wife standing six inches more to the right worth barking at her? My daughter didn’t know that The Beast didn’t sign autographs. You don’t have to yell at a child – “Beast DOESN’T sign!” to get your message across. My child is a teen and still she almost started crying at this. And with all of this drama, our interaction time was probably about 90 seconds. We were quickly ushered away, even though there wasn’t a queue waiting to meet The Beast. (I will say that one other family had walked in while we were having our photos. One… not 10, not five… one).

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Sorry you had the perfect storm of unfortunate experiences there! Sounds like they really missed the mark, especially with the Beast meet. It’s funny how inconsistent they can be, because our experience was totally opposite. It seems to be the trend that people either have a great or a miserable time there due to the service. I have found Disney restaurants to be a lot more reliable (in terms of seating time and serving time) during the early dinner hours, around 5-6 pm. It seems early for dinner, but we always end up being hungry around that time anyway.

That is a total bummer. Sorry to hear that.

Even though I said in my original post that I was not going to be keeping both reservations, I did. Haha. And I loved both.

PPO breakfast was an amazing way to start the day ahead of the crowd.

Dinner was delicious. We all loved our meals! We didn’t meet the beast at the end because the line up was so long and my daughter said she was fine skipping it. I help back my own personal feelings as my DD5, dressed in her Belle gown and tiara, left beast’s castle without the perfect photo opp memory…:disappointed_relieved:


Hi @Jrle! Glad you kept both ADRs and enjoyed both experiences! We did the same thing on our Feb trip and they were two of my favorite meals! Sorry you didn’t get to meet the beast… maybe next time!

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Always something to look forward to next time! :slightly_smiling_face:

I typically LOVE Disney dining. That same morning we had one of the best dining experiences at CRT for breakfast. (My favorite way to start a MK trip!!)

This was my first unpleasant experience at any character dinner. Sadly, it was supposed to be the climax of an one day MK visit and it took more than 2 hours and we missed so much at the end of the night. Plus, the whole point was to get to interact with The Beast and see the castle interior. It was basically park close when we were done. I have heard Len & Jim, on the Disney Dish podcast, discuss the less than magical reviews lately for BOG.

It hasn’t put me off character dining at all, just eating at BOG.

FYI - I did contact Guest Services and they have addressed the issue to my full satisfaction.

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We didn’t use a dining plan in early April, and we had BOG lunch

DH and I both has Croque Monsieur and they were delicious, although next time I’d split one. We also had fries, drinks, and desserts. DD7 had fries only, because she didn’t like anything on the kid’s menu. Despite that, the food was great. We sat in the main castle ballroom, and they didn’t care if we wandered around because it was very empty.

I’d go again, I would just adjust what we ordered because the portions were huge. I think it came to like $70.

Good to know. I have lunch coming up here and was hoping to do some meal splitting to keep the cost down.

I find that we could have split almost everything. My husband likes very different food from me, so we don’t split much, but we definitely could have.

It’s interesting that we all can have such widely different experiences at Disney restaurants.

We very much enjoyed PPO breakfast @BOG, where some ordered from children’s menu, others split entrees (we’re light breakfast eaters).

We sat wherever we’d like, got there once place opened (you can enter @8am even if adr is 8:45 or so). Got the big table in front of the rose, which entranced the littles, pretty cool.

That said, we’ve never been interested in going there in evening. The menu was not to our liking (2 veggies in fam) plus littles eat- well- nothing haha. The theming was nice, but we might not have liked it so much seated in the larger cavernous room in the middle.

For the $ there, we got more bang for the buck last trip @Tusker.

The Tusker character meets were best ever. The food scrumptious, something for all: the veggies, the meat folks & the picky kiddos.