BOG dinner for picky eaters

We have a reservation for BOG for dinner coming up in November. My 3 kids 8, 6, and 3 are pretty picky and looking at the menu not sure there is anything they will like. Has anyone else been there with picky eaters and know of any special things they may have that you could order for kids that aren’t necessarily on the menu?

Not even the macaroni & cheese, or the grilled cheese? Maybe you can just get desserts if you’re doing it mainly to see the inside, and go eat your normal supper elsewhere?

I didn’t see the grilled cheese on the dinner menu. Can they get that anytime?

Oops nevermind…I must’ve missed that. Just caught that. Can you substitute something else for the tomato soup?

I have no experience with substitutions, but I bet they can do something. For one thing, you are eating at dinner when it is table service, not quick service, so maybe it’s a bit more flexible. Also, all the restaurants have information related to food allergies and such, and are willing to work with people who need to modify a meal. Maybe they can do something simple like a fruit cup (it’s on one of the other entrees) instead of the tomato soup.

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They have done plain pasta for us at dinner dd had marina sauce on the side.

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