BOG breakfast or dinner?

We did lunch at our last visit. I know the benefit in AM is getting to 7DMT first, but I’ve heard the dinner is super fun did kids (candles, etc). Thoughts?

This is a tough one - we had done lunch at BOG twice and snagged a dinner res last trip. We just weren’t super impressed, not that food and service weren’t superb, I just felt maybe our expectations were probably too high given the fact that it’s such a coveted reservation that is so hard to snag, it is still new and everyone seems to want to have dinner there. It was good, for sure. Would I do dinner again? Probably not, in fact didn’t even try to get a dinner res this trip. We checked in a few minutes early for it and still had to wait 25 minutes which when you’ve bene at the park all day, hungry for the oh so coveted dinner and made a reservation, isn’t desirable. We did book a breakfast this trip to experience that. I have heard mixed reviews (not that the food is bad) but our kids wanted to go back to BOG and we have never done the breakfast.

The Beast is only on hand at dinner, if that matters.

Yes, this is true!! Forgot to mention that.


I have only done dinner at BOG and I really enjoyed it. The food was good and it was an exciting place to be. We sat in the main dining area. I have booked it for 2 dinners on our next trip and I am hoping we get into one of the other 2 dining rooms. My husband really enjoyed it too and wanted to be sure I got it booked for our upcoming trip!