BOG Breakfast now available!... And Pricey!

I thought that BOG morning ADR’s weren’t available until the 5th, but they are! That said, I got the reservation but boy is it pricey! Everything is 19.99 whether you order just a donut or a breakfast omelette! Is that right, or is it a breakfast buffet type thing?

nope. that is correct. It’s actually $21.99 now, if I’m not mistaken. There is no buffet.

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Yikes! And I was thinking of dropping my dining plan…

Here’s a good post that discusses how “worth it” it is. Plus a picture of crowds building at rope drop

The disney food blog had some really good reviews re breakfast there. and some really good discussion on their site. convinced me that we didn;t have to get full boat for each member of fam. we have 2 littles and 2 vegetarians in party of 5. so we’ll share a few, I might even skip mine and glom off every elses! acc to dfb site not a problem.

oops, sorry. correction. just glanced at menu again. does have some vegetarian options, especially if also choosing from childs menu. just not for me specifically, non egg person. fine for most vegetarians though.

BOG is a counter service credit for breakfast on the DDP,right?