BoG Breakfast Dilemma

I needed a pre-RD ADR for 5 people for BoG on 11/17 and was able to get 2 at 8:20a and 2 at 9am. What do you think is the best thing to do…

Drop the 2 at 9am and look for 3 before 9am?

Drop everything and continue to look for 5 people?

Or is there a way I can just hold onto both of them and if a 3 person pre-RD BoG comes up, I will be able to cancel the 9am one instead of the 8:20am one?

Opinions? Or anyone with experience? TIA!!

I don’t see any reason to drop any until you decide what you want to do. You might be able to get a few reservations for 1 around that time? Or maybe look into the availability for Crystal Palace if the goal is to just get into the park before RD?

I had a similar issue - had BOG at I think 8:10 for 7, needed 3 more. I called and CM suggested I keep checking to pick up res for 3 closer to date. I did indeed land an 8:30 for 3 a few days before, and because both res were in my name (same name) they let us all in together around 7:55 I think. I’d keep both but try to get an earlier one for the 9 am one. If you find it, drop the 9 am. Good luck!

Thanks for the help!