BOG before 9 am?


Hello! I've been trying to make reservation via MDE 180 days before(april) for BOG, breakfast, I want it before 9 am, so I can enter MK earlier... But I enter 6 am (Orlando time) and nothing! Whyyyyy???


I believe its 7am... good luck!


Earliest breakfast time is 8am. Are you entering 6 am for the dining time request? Are trying to search at 6am when you log on?


No. I'm entering the sistem MDE at 6 am. I want a reservation at 8 or 8.30.My point is that I enter to get reservation at BOG 8,8.30 for april and nothing!


I just checked for 4/9 BOG 8:00am party of 4 and there are multiple spots open. What day are you looking for? How many in your party?


You are right!!! I used to search by breakfast and the MDE showed me 9 am reservations. I clicked the 8 am button and now I see them!!! Thank you very much for your helpfulness!!!