BOG and CRT have added reservations before 8 in EEMH

For anyone looking for BOG or CRT breakfasts they both just added 7-8am in September at least.

CRT seems to be filling fast but BOG is still showing on the day’s I’m there.

The 7:15 ones would be great for offsite guests


TY - picked up a couple as i wait for lunch or dinner times to open up - if all else fails, at least we will have 1 meal in the Castle - really want my DD to experience :slight_smile:

I got all excited until I realized that would be in the first hour of touring, not giving up that time to eat! I did take a look, in the beginning of October, it is showing 7:30 a.m. start time for BOG, nothing, yet later in the month.
Thanks for the heads up!

Yes it’s less good for onsite guests, I booked bog at 7:55 so we’ll be there when the park opens but hope it might have someone with a previous PPO to switch it a little later.

Snagged a 7:30 for September but the park opens at 7, think they’d let us in early? :crossed_fingers:t3:

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I’d say so

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Well, it dawned on me after the excitement settled that with the 7 a.m. EEMH while we are there, I would want a 6 a.m. PPO, which is unlikely to happen.

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