BOG Advance Ordering and payment

I’m getting conflicting information from a CM, my TA, FB, and the interwebs.
We have a reservation for 7 guests for BOG. 5 are on DPP, 2 are not.
Website states no split checks if we use advanced ordering. So is our only option to either pay out of pocket for everyone or use our qs credits to pay for two people who aren’t on our plan?

Yes that’s your only option.

We got 2reservations, one for 5 and one for 1, for this very reason. You can sit wherever since it’s QS and each party can pay for their own meals.


I wish we would have done this. Something else my TA didn’t mention. This is the first time I’ve traveled with another party with a different package.

I’ve done BOG before, but not with another party. For some reason I remembered people talking about the preordering issue on TP and went with splitting the reservation.

I forgot when I was making reservations last year, but my parents had the dining plan too so I paid at BOG and they paid for us somewhere else.

If my parents had the plan I’d just do that, but they’d don’t. I’m going to call and see if they can split us.

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They couldn’t split us when I called - but I wasn’t sure the phone CM knew what she was doing, and then I just decided not to bother.

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Could you pay using QS credits and then they pay you in cash? BOG is one of the best uses of a QS credit, so you would likely come up ahead (unless they want a kids meal or cupcake).

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The one I spoke to this morning didn’t even seem to know what I was talking about and said they could split it no problem. And as that went against some of what I’d heard, I figured I’d ask the experts - you guys. I’m gonna give talking to someone else a shot and see if they can switch the reservation and if not, I’ll likely end up having to use our QS on my parents because I would feel bad asking them to pay us back (they’re paying for our park tickets). This is the first time I’ve ever used a TA and wanted one specifically because I’d never planned for another party and she has been unhelpful with a bunch of stuff like this.

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Couldn’t you set up reservation finder to try to pick up an extra reservation for 1 near the same time? Then decrease existing reservation party size by 1?

I’m not sure if you might need to make it under a different member of your party? @missoverexcited???

If you right click on the time in MDE, it opens in a new window and I think you can have them at the same time doing it that way. Otherwise, yes a different MDE account.

This is worth a shot! Thank you!
@missoverexcited - will my husband’s or mom’s MDEs work or will I have issues since they’re already on our existing reservation?

(Still on hold…if I have to listen to Gilbert Godfrey sing ‘Friend Like Me’ one more time I’m going to throw my phone into a wall.)

If they’re on your exuding reservation, remove them. There’s no need for them to be on it. Then use one of their MDEs.

Yes, another MDE account will work. My friend has her own account and is on my resort reservation. Our accounts are linked. She booked her reservation for 1 at BOG on her own account.

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Ok. I talked to a super helpful cast member who said he didn’t want to risk modifying it by two people and release them into the public pool for even a second. I set up a TP alert for a party of 2 for that time slot and have my mom’s account on my browser ready to go to book if one pops up. Thanks for the troubleshooting help!


Does anyone know if BOG has a grace period to arrive a little early or late or should I be looking for reservations for exactly the same time?

They tend to be quite strict on time and make you go away if you’re early (only occasionally at breakfast). Not sure about late, I haven’t wanted to risk it.


We were pretty late for our breakfast reservation last September. I was just going to forget about it, but my husband insisted we ask at the check-in place. I guess it’s good he did because the CM was very sweet and got us right in.


We arrived 10-15 minutes early in January. They let us in. We still waited forever in the line after the initial check-in, but they didn’t seem to care that we were early.

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