BOG ADR questions (help!)

We have ADR for Breakfast at BOG on Thursday Dec 15 at 9:55 for our party of 9.

The last time I was there, we walked up and had a late lunch with no ADR so I have a few questions.

  1. We chose this time only because lunch was unavailable. Would we be permitted to order drinks and then go back to order kiosks after 10:30 to order lunch food? I am not really interested in having breakfast. My current plan is to have a cupcake and call it good. Our main objective was to let my mom see the castle anyway.

  2. Does an ADR give you an assigned table or do you have to/get to find your own?

Thanks in advance for any info!

You find your own table at breakfast and lunch. Not sure about your first question. Generally, they make you go through the line before you sit down, but I’ve never tried to order twice (i.e. drink first time, then food the second time).

You have plenty of time. You should keep searching for a lunch ADR. Look for two ADR around the same time. maybe party of 4 and party of 6. It’s open seating for lunch so you can find a table together. Put a ADR finder in for it.

Thanks so much. What is an ADR finder? ( forgive my ignorance!)

Free service here on TP you can find it in your dash board. I will find you the link.

Awesome!!! Thank you!

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