BOG ADR - How difficult to get May 1-2?

Hello everyone, I’m planning for a trip for our Honeymoon, and the one thing my new wife definitely wants to do is eat dinner at Be Our Guest. It’s just the two of us, and my plan is to do Magic Kingdom May 2nd. We are using a travel agent and she is implying we may have to change things around because it’s difficult to get BOG reservations. In the experiences of everyone here, how difficult is it to get a, say, early dinner reservation for 2 at the start of May? I chose May 2nd for MK because of low crowds, and would prefer to not switch things around. (Other info, staying at Riverside April 28-May 3rd, we have 3 One Day tickets with no park hopper.)


I don’t think it’s terribly difficult, but it will be easier the later in your trip you can do it. Your 180 days is other people’s 180+1, 180+2 etc, so lots of people will have already booked those days. I think you’ll be fine with your date.