BOG ADR for less than party size

Just did my ADR for BOG lunch at the 60 day mark at 6am CST. All I could get was a party of one. We are a party of 5. I know it’s normally not an issue, but is it ok at BOG? We are onsite for the first part of our trip only (not for the day I am booking for today) so no 180+10 for this day of our trip.

I’d be a little worried about it, given that you’re at BOG. It’s just so popular right now. Changing a party of 1 to a party of 2 isn’t difficult, but if they have a two-top reserved for you and you want to add 3 people, that could be difficult to pull off. I would recommend that you keep trying. Worst case, you can show up with the ADR for just one person and cross your fingers. Disney does work magic, after all!

Also, I believe BOG is now an ADR you can make at 180 days out, just for future reference. That’s probably a big part of why you couldn’t get an ADR for 5.