I’ve never been on any of the boats at either WDW or DLR. I’m making time in my upcoming DLR plans to do at least one. However, the more I look at my TP one trip around the RoA seems to be the most practical. Which would you choose?

  • Mark Twain Riverboat
  • Davy Crockett Canoes
  • Sailing Ship Columbia

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Before I vote I need to know who is in your group and their age ranges.

Just me! I’m lucky enough to be able to do solo trips. (At least I think it’s lucky! I get to do anything I want at my own pace.)

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I have done Davey Crocker Canoes many times…great fun and good exercise. I love the Mark Twain, and have a vague memory of riding the Columbia as a child. Every time I have been there is the last few years, the Columbia was not operational.

I voted for the canoes because they are so unique from anything else at a Disney park (or any other theme/amusement park for that matter). So if you really are just going to pick 1, that’s what I would do it for. The River guides on the canoes are just as funny (if not funnier) than the funniest Jungle Cruise skippers and even though you are doing the paddling to get you around the river, it’s just a lot of good fun (and a very good arm workout).

However, the Mark Twain is my favorite for its beauty, the ability to relax & just soak in the views of the Rivers of America as you pass (and wave to people) and the historical treasure that it is to the park (Walt & Lillian celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary just 4 days before Disneyland opened on a party held on the boat as it cruised around the Rivers of America). If you have the option of doing a sunset/after dark cruise along the Mark Twain that is even more serene & beautiful. And I would highly recommend doing this in addition to the canoes if you have the option (the Mark Twain has to run late enough for it to get dark which means it has to be a night that F! isn’t scheduled and the Mark Twain has to not go down before dark- it’s struggled more as of late needing more down-time than it used to so it may not be able to stay out as late anymore, but it’s beautiful when it does).

And then, to also throw some love to the SS Columbia, it’s by no means my favorite but it is still pretty cool & below deck has quarters setup how living quarters on a ship in the 19th century would’ve been so an interesting museum-like area of it that is really fun to explore as well giving you something different than either of the other 2 above.

So really, if you have time there’s enough interesting about each one to merit trying them all, but if you really just have to absolutely pick one- Canoes. (But Mark Twain is beautiful so I would make time for it at least once over repeats of other rides/attractions).

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I voted for Mark Twain because it is the most iconic and relaxing way to enjoy the Rivers of America, but you really can’t go wrong. They all have their charms, as others have noted.

However, you should be aware that you may not have a choice. The SS Columbia and canoes do not operate consistently - they can be seasonal and/or deployed based on crowds. So in a way, if you see the canoes or SS Columbia operating, you may want to give them a go since you never know the next time you’ll have a chance to ride.


I did notice that MT & DCC aren’t operating right now and may be not when I go. I’m looking to see “in a perfect world” which boat attraction people enjoy the most.

If I don’t get to do MT at DLR I can always do Liberty Square at WDW. I’m sure they have their differences, but they are both riverboats.