Boats from Fort Wilderness

This might be a long shot, but does anyone know what times the water taxis start between MK and FtW? We want to get there as early as possible and I’m not sure of an alternate route (we will have our own car, but I don’t think that would be very time efficient either since we’d have to wait for parking to open and then the TTC. There are five of us so Lyft doesn’t work well (and my husband would probably grumble about the extra cost.)

I am so happy that the park is open an extra hour, but I was also kind of looking forward to a later start :laughing: the 8am opening is throwing off my groove a bit.

Reports recently have said the boats start running around an hour before MK opens.

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That boat ride is quick too! It was out favorite all time mode of transport when in Disney. That particular one!

Perfect thanks! I’ve requested to have one of the cabins that is near the docks- I know a lot of people request those cabins but my fingers are crossed. I haven’t been able to find a schedule for the boats anywhere, and I found older reports saying that they started going from FtW to Contemporary early (and you can walk from there) but that is not the case in these times- it only goes to MK as far as I know. Having such a direct route to the MK will really be nice, especially if it gets us there early enough to get some big “must dos” in before crowds

Yep, the boat that goes around Bay Lake between the resorts isn’t running at the moment.

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Maybe this will help. I did this on my phone for Friendship Boats from Swan. Google Fort Wilderness Settlement. Then click on maps, select ferry. Should give you a schedule. Not sure how accurate this will be. But maybe :smiley:


That is genius. Disney is the one place I never use Google directions LOL I guess I need to start!

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We rarely use the buses, always had a car. First year we don’t. Somehow a few years ago, I set Animal Kingdom Bus Stop as “home”. Anytime I would try to do google directions, not paying attention, I would get from Disney to wherever :joy::joy: