Boat transportation from HS to Epcot

Please tell me about the boat between HS and Epcot. How often how long does one wait for the boat, on average? How long is the ride? is walking faster? Where can I find directions for walking? What else do I need to know? Where can I find more info about these boats?

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The boats run on average about every 15-20 minutes. It takes about 20 minutes once you get on the boat to get all the way from HS to Epcot. Walking is faster unless you can get on a boat immediately or you walk really slow, it is about 1 mile. The path shows up on Google Maps if you use it for walking directions.

If you have kids in strollers, you can leave them in the strollers to board the boats.

They are called the Friendship boats, I think, if you want to look for more info.

Do the boat waits (not just these, but also the Poly, WL, etc.) appear on MDE the way buses do?

Not that I’ve heard of.

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Someone else posted a good bit of advice for leaving HS. If the line for the boat extends so far that it goes up the dock and actually turns the corner, you will probably not get on the next boat and should just walk.



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good thing to know. thanks

How do we follow the walk without getting very lost?

This article has a great photo guide that will show you the way. Plus, when you turn on Location Services on your MDE app it uses Google Maps. You can use the MDE app and watch yourself in real time walking to your destination. My DW uses it in the parks as she still doesn’t know her way around.

I just mapped the route in Google maps and was surprised it uses the shortcut through boardwalk.

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Great tip! Thank you!

I plan on using the bus from AK to HS so I can use the IG entrance on an EP day. I was debating walk or boat…now I know!

AK or AKL? If AKL, you could do it but it would normally be much faster to just take the bus to epcot. If AK, may be faster to bus to boardwalk or beach club then walk.

Animal Kingdom Lodge…we have breakfast at Boma. I want International Gateway because we are starting our day in World Showcase.

You can do it that way, but it would likely be faster just going bus to epcot.

Faster but more walking. This is an easy day for us with a late breakfast so I’m OK with it being more time. The night before is late with MNSSHP.

Now, if I end up walking from HS to EP, that ruins everything, but I’ll deal.

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I just used Google Maps and printed out the path. I never knew I could set Google Maps to walking, but it is great and great map for us to use.
Thanks for the great help.

Once, when I was walking from HS to Epcot, there were CMs sitting outside at a little fire pit inviting people to make S’Mores…so we took a S’Mores break halfway through the walk. It was an amazing little extra pixie dust on my day.

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