Boat from Port Orleans to Disney Springs

Does anyone know if this boat will accommodate ECV . I was thinking it might be a good way to get to Disney springs instead of driving on a Saturday. We r staying at animal kingdom too so would the drive to Port orleans be a waste of time. Just looking for thoughts??

I found this info on another site, saying yes ECVs can go on the DS boats.

Thanks. I will check it out

Parking at Disney Springs has vastly improved. I would recommend driving straight there. There is often a wait for the boats and if it is a busy time, you may have to wait for room for the ECV. Plus the boat ride is not very quick!

You are planning to drive to POR from AKL purely to get the boat to DS? I’d just get the bus from AKL, if you don’t want to drive there. Parking is fine though.

I wasn’t sure which option was best. I’ve heard that parking there was terrible but if gotten better I’m thinking driving may be the way to go .