Boat from HS to Epcot

I promise I goggled this and looked at maps…but can’t find what I am looking for!

Does the boat have several stops along the way?

Stops at Boardwalk, Beach/Yachtclub, Swan/Dolphin, then HS

Awesome!! Thank you!!!:grinning:

And… it stops both ways. So don’t think that if you’re making a round trip journey that you’ll have one half with the stops, and the other half direct. It stops at all hotels both on the way to EPCOT and on the way back to HS.

Solid 25 minute ride no matter what, not counting wait time for the boat itself.

Ask me how I know. :roll_eyes:

So faster to walk or just as fast to walk?

It is definitely faster to walk. We took the boat while my sister was still in HS shopping. She ended up walking and she beat us even though we left before her. The boat was already there too. I guess it depends too on how fast you walk.

We are thinking/planning to stay at parks all day so a break would be nice!

But last time we rode boat in World Showcase all I can remember is that it was very HOT!!

The boat from HS to EP has AC units for the inside. The doors are still open, so if you’re not sitting right under a vent, it can be a little warm, but not too bad. There are also seats outside the cabin that are nice if it is cloudy/nighttime.

Thank you!!