Boat between HS and Swolfin

Is this the boat that has many stops along the way? Trying to plan the best way to return to the Swan after a long and hot day at HS. I don’t think we will have another .8 mile walk in us to get back. So, debating between the boat and calling a Lyft…

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Coming from DHS, it’s the first stop.

The choke point will be the wait for the boat. Depending what time you’re leaving the park, it can take three boats to get through the queue.


I believe Swalphon is the first stop from HS toward IG. Even so, you will be standing while waiting for the boat(10-20 minutes) and standing on the boat, if it is crowded. I prefer to keep moving, so I always walk. Whichever you prefer, have a magical day.


I remember very little circulating air while waiting for the boat to leave port after boarding and the same thing while waiting to disembark after arrival.

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If it were just me, I’d walk, but I have a feeling we will have exhausted our kids’ foot mileage by the time we finish at the park. Sounds like the boat is not ideal if there is a wait. Thx for the feedback!

Depending how tired your feets are…

If the line for the boat goes from the end of the dock and starts to curve around the walkway to the dhs entrance, you’re probably not gonna make it onto that boat.

Pick your poison:
If you walk at a regular pace, you’ll be at Swolphin in your room before the next boat gets you to the Swolphin dock.

I’ve found, for MY feets - walking feels better than standing and waiting.

Think about the rest of the walk from the rideshare pickup, or the boat landing points.
The walk really isn’t that bad, but be prepared to get mad if a boat that you could have made it onto passes you by. :rage:



If the line already turns the corner and you don’t see a boat arriving, better to walk. It’s under a mile to walk. 15-20 min usually.