Boardwalk vs Disney Springs

We’ll have a few hours to kill on a Monday after 1900 PF breakfast before we go to the airport around 2. Was thinking boardwalk because I’ve never really seen that part of Disney. was concerned about parking, but based on another post, that seems to be okay.

However I saw someone mention that it isn’t worth it unless you are staying in that area. Thoughts?

We will be with two people who have never been two Disney Springs, plus one two year old.

Shopping will not be a priority - more looking for a place to explore and maybe get a snack or two.

I’ve not done the Boardwalk…BUT, since we have now watched several Vlogs on it because of our plan to stay there next trip, I will say that the Boardwalk is nothing compared to Disney Springs. It seems like a nice 30 minutes is all you need there, compared to Disney Springs, which you could (if you wanted) spread out over many hours. And as far as food options, again Disney Springs is the clear winner. Not that there aren’t food options at the Boardwalk.

Just kind of depends on what you want to do/are expecting. Obviously, Disney Springs really is about the shopping and food, although for us it is just as much about the Disney ambiance.

Now, I can’t speak with any first hand experience on Boardwalk, so maybe others can chime in next! :slight_smile:

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In my experience most of the activity on the Boardwalk is at night. That being said I have never been able to spend more than an hour or so walking the Boardwalk. I would pick DS.

Parking at Boardwalk would also depend on the time of year.


I would say that I found DS to be a crowded confusing mess. I’m not a big shopper so this wasn’t a draw. On the other hand, recent Ample Hills trip on Boardwalk VERY worth it. Mostly walked around at night, had ice cream, walked it off, went back to hotel…maybe 1h. Depends on how long you’re wanting to stay and what you want to do.


Has anyone rented a Surrey Bike at the Boardwalk? I am curious about that experience.

I haven’t but I’ve heard others say its much harder work than you’d expect. It’s on our maybe list for our next trip.


Yes we did back in 2014 I think. 4 of us, 2 adults and 2 kids. They are definitely more work than you might think as there are some hilly areas around the lake. It was great fun though, and we followed it with a trip to Beaches and Cream for ice cream.
Also, they are hard to control when going downhill and the boardwalk is crowded, so be careful. I have seen quite a few near misses with people.

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Thanks for the feedback - sounds like I might just play it by ear based on how much time we have. After breakfast and before we truly need to head to the airport.

What are favorite snacks or quick lunch treats for both locations?

This is in the morning? At the Boardwalk Amole Hill and Boardwalk Bakery will be open (maybe a booth?). At Disney Springs there are so many choices!

I’ve heard great things about Ample Hills ice cream at the boardwalk.

There are lots of options at DS. Personally, I’d love to try Ghirardelli.

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I would definitely go with Disney Springs over the Boardwalk. Far more to do and see. The 2yo can play with Lego outside the Lego store and meet the Coca-Cola Bear. There is a carousel, a mini-train and a splash area in the Marketplace (if you don’t mind them getting wet). Lots of shops to look around, great restaurants. Plus, Amorette Patisserie and Vivoli il Gelato!

We’ve stayed at the Boardwalk (and Beach Club) numerous times and I honestly don’t think we could keep ourselves entertained there for more than 30 minutes during the day. That includes time for ice cream from Ample Hills (which is excellent).