Boardwalk Villas view question

We are approaching the 11-month mark for our December 2020 trip, and we’re doing a DVC rental (1 bedroom villa) at Boardwalk.

I understand standard view doesn’t have much of a view. Get to look at the bus stop, maybe. :slight_smile:

But for the preferred views, there are Boardwalk views and then garden/pool views.

If, for some reason, we can’t get the standard view room (sold out, for example), I’m curious about what is visible. I’m specifically talking about fireworks.

It would seem that a Boardwalk view room would likely have views of the Epcot fireworks over the lake. Only thing is, I’m concerned about the amount of noise at the Boardwalk view rooms.

Are the garden view rooms facing HS? And if so, is it possible to see any of the fireworks from the room? I can’t tell for sure with the photos in the Touring Plans room finger, but it looks like it might be possible. I’m just not sure how visible they might be.

Anyone have any thoughts/experience?

I’ve never stayed there but looking at the map and the room finder, I think your best bet for a view of Epcot fireworks would be an upper floor towards the edge of the wing, marked below. You might get fireworks views from other rooms in the wing but would have to crane your neck or hope for no obstruction.

For HS fireworks, it appears an upper floor in the area marked below would be best:

That’s kind of what I was thinking as well. I just wasn’t sure if those bottom rooms can actually see the fireworks or not. I can see TOT though, so I would imagine so.

This is the view from the room about in the middle of your red circle:

Of course, then I get scared by the idea of overlooking the pool area. Wonder which is noisier…the pool, or the boardwalk!

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Based on how much of the ToT you can see, I would be surprised if you couldn’t see a little of the fireworks. Hopefully someone else will chime in cause I’m curious!

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We recently stayed in a one bedroom at BWV with a garden/pool view. We were in room 5027 and views of HS including the fireworks.
I will try to find photos I took.


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We aren’t there until February; but,after research, we are requesting 5089 or similar for two reasons:

  1. Quiet Pool- Many people said that the Luna Park Pool can get hella loud in the afternoons.
  2. DHS Fireworks View(see photo)

…and no creepy clown, of course:)

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Yes, that was a specific request I had–no overlooking creepy clown pool.


Awesome. Thanks!

FWIW, I find waking up to the swan staring me down in the middle of the night to be more unsettling than the clown. It’s very… intense in the dark! That may be because I have personal experience with how angry swans can be, though.


Clowns don’t bother me. In fact, it wasn’t until a few years ago that I learned that a lot of people find clowns creepy. I never did!

Well, wow. Now that you mention it, the swan DOES look angry, doesn’t it? We had some angry geese in our neighborhood earlier this year…had to be careful as you were coming into and leaving the subdivision! :slight_smile:

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I know this thread is a little old, but it still feels relevant versus starting a whole new thread! I have NO idea what to request for a garden/pool view studio. Probably the only thing I don’t really want is to overlook the feature pool, but since it’s closing early now it might not even be an issue. Should I make no request at all and just hope for an ready-early room?

Did you literally just ask for this?? hahahaha

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Well, I didn’t phrase it that way. :joy:. I just requested not overlooking the main pool. I have to admit after staying there last summer the clown pool doesn’t bother me as much.


We’re actually really looking forward to the “clown pool”! My son is digging the idea of a roller coaster slide. But I just don’t really want pool noise. I am leaning towards asking for the section that you were in!

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Last summer we didn’t find the clown pool to be noisy. The slide is pretty fun.
The view from the section we were in was fabulous, but it was a walk to the room.

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We don’t recall what request we might have made when we stayed in a 2 bdrm at BWV for 7 days, with 4 day tickets. We might even have had an upgrade on the room. We don’t know.

We must have been in about room 240 or whatever it’d be for a 2 br. We were about one room from the stairs at the corner of the bldg. Usually we’re at the end of a very long hallway. At least quarter mile.

We were looking right at the clown but the pool was being redone. That stairwell was nifty. At bottom, one door led into that interior pool area and a great play structure. Go out an opposite door and there you are, on the path to HS. Almost. There’s a bit of lawn. The Boardwalk area was an easy walk thru some breezeway. Less than 5 min. For a bus we went down the hallway to the lobby and out to the bus area.

I was not expecting much, after OKW and WL - I guess now it’s Boulder Ridge? I thoroughly enjoyed BWV. No idea about fireworks. Don’t recall any noise. We spent about 3 days at the resort - no parks - and had a great time.