BoardWalk Villas Room Recommendations

Staying March 2020. Looking for recommendations on 2 bedroom lock offs.

Like 2128/2130, 2087/2089, and 2003/2005.

Looking for a room that will be interesting for balcony sitting (really want 2nd floor or above).

Traveling with DH, DS15, DM, DB, and Dniece6.

Thank you!

What view did you book?

Looks like standard view.

Unfortunately the only standard view rooms are in the “1” building, facing the front of the hotel, meaning 2087 and 2003 are not options as they are Boardwalk view and cost significantly more.

The good news is many of the standards at BWV have quite nice views. We just stayed one night Boardwalk view (which was lovely) and one night Standard. We were pleasantly suprised by the standard view.

It is worth searching standard view 1 bedrooms and seeing which show up as having a standard view.

I also recommend considering convenience factor. Elevators are a bit difficult to find and the 2nd floor is the same floor as the lobby. I highly recommend the 2nd floor so stairs are still easy for getting to the pools and walking path, but you can walk straight to the lobby.

Finally, for your group I wanted to mention the community center available to anyone staying at the BWV. It is by the quiet pool and has air hockey, free video games, crafts, and movies. Great place to spend an afternoon on a rainy or break day.

Forgot to mention, 2128 should have a lovely view!

How do we view only the standard rooms?

I doesn’t look like they have an option for that, so you should probably look for 1 bdr standards and look at the ones with adjoining studios and see if it says “adjoining room”. The ones on the very end will probably have the best view, but may be the least convenient for getting to the pool and boardwalk.