Boardwalk Villas Layout

Try as I might I can’t find a map that shows the exits from the villa side of the Boardwalk. I’m trying to figure out a room request and I’m hoping to be as close to the HS path as possible. I can’t tell if there are any exits other than the lobby?

This is just the image of the BWI map they give you at the resort, but it does show several sidewalks coming from the villa side. Maybe you can compare that to the maps found here on TP so you can cite specific room numbers to suit your needs?

Ya, I couldn’t tell if the path goes between the buildings? But I guess not.

We stayed in a 2nd floor 2 br facing the main pool (and clown). I think one room from the building corner. Fuschia circle

If we turned left upon exiting our room we could enter the stair well almost immediately. Light green.

At the bottom of this stairwell were a couple of doors. One led toward the Swan/Dolphin side of the building. The other led into the pool area which also included a play area nearly right outside the door. In the corner of the main building and wing.

Continuing along the main building would lead to an archway. Turning left and in just a short distance was the Boardwalk and the shop. Maybe Q on the map.

But back to the HS sidewalk, in green, which is not connected at this point to the sidewalk from the BW, in fuschia. We crossed the grass and clambered down the 20 inches or so to the HS walk. (Tho some in our group merely lightly, gracefully giant stepped down.) (For the clamberers getting back up was stuff of funniest home videos)

I’m thinking most of those map pathways around the building lead to doorways of some kind. I’m trying to recall my shortcut to the parking lot but the gray matter is uncooperative currently.

If memory serves, we stayed at the South end (closest to HS) of the South Building (Building 2) of BWV on a previous trip and there were doors at the end of the hallway/stairwell that had access to the walkway to HS. We used them to both come and go from HS while we stayed there. We were on the first floor, but there was a stairwell at the end of the corridor so any floor would have access.

Anything on the quiet pool side will be the quickest walk. Cut through the pool by the community hall and onto the walking path!

Keep in mind elevators.

There is one bank of elevators, and they are down close to the main lobby area. If you pick a room that is closer to HS, you might also want to pick a room that is on a lower floor to avoid having to climb 5 flights of stairs on the way back at the end of a long night.

We had a room that was only a single flight down the stairs to the exit. On the map, we were staying around the red circle, and I highlighted the path we would take to HS.

This is an excellent point. I highly recommed something on the 2nd floor - that is lobby level and only one floor down for pool, Boardwalk and exit to HS. The elevators are rare but stairs are plentiful.

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Thank you all!

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