Boardwalk ticketing vs Undercover Tourist?

First trip since 2018 and first time considering buying tickets from a reseller (past trips were all free dining packages booked direct with Disney)

If price is equal, any pros/cons to booking with Boardwalk Ticketing vs Undercover Tourist?

Also we already booked room + ticket through Disney and would have to cancel our tickets and re-do park reservations, but seems worth it to save $200 CAD…. we’re more than 30 days out, room discount is not tied to buying tickets, and parks still have availability on our dates…. any other risk/potential downside I’m not thinking of?


I’m not sure what the refund policy is if you had to cancel, but otherwise I say go save that $!

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For UT, it is a 5% restocking fee. Not sure about BT. But if you are pretty confident you won’t cancel, it is definitely worth the savings. The 5% fee in case of an emergency cancellation is probably not too concerning. BUT, if you are waffling on dates or think there is a decent chance of cancelling, then you might not want to take that risk.

It is worth nothing that an unused ticket, even when purchased from UT or BT, is not “lost” though if you have to cancel the trip. You can apply the value of that ticket to a new ticket in the future through Disney directly. If they ticket is linked in MDE, then you can have Disney change the ticket to new dates, and you would just pay the difference in value, if any.

For what it’s worth, we have always used UT to buy tickets.


Thank you, this is helpful. The UT refund policy is clearly stated on their site but am struggling to find refund policy on Boardwalk’s site.

Did a quick search. From this page: Terms and Conditions — Boardwalk Ticketing


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I have purchased from both ($ driven decision) and had no problems.

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Thank you!! Not sure how I missed that… for our dates UT is a few dollars more but worth it to me for the more generous refund policy.

Our dates are set and I don’t expect them to change (flights booked, time off booked etc) but the last couple of years have taught us to prepare for the unexpected…

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Also from the BT website FAQ:

  • Can I cancel my tickets? For 2020 tickets, we are allowing cancellations for full refunds. For tickets beyond 2020, there is no cancellation unless our optional insurance was purchased as check-out. To cancel, please submit an email request to See the next section for other options.
  • Can I change my tickets dates? Yes. This is a great option if your trip needs to change or be moved for any reason. You can change the dates yourself by logging into your account. Scroll down the page until you see “My Plans, Reservations and Tickets.” Under this section there are two tabs, one says “Tickets & Memory Maker.” It’s here that you can modify your tickets dates. There are no fees to change your tickets to new dates but your new dates may cost more as all tickets are date-based pricing.

I have bought from both, and I would now buy from BT if price were equal. There’s something about UT that bothers me, as I have had a couple of customer service interactions with them since the pandemic that have left me feeling like they don’t need my business and don’t really care to address my issues. Purely limited anecdotal evidence, but that’s my opinion.

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