Boardwalk ticketing refund

Has anyone used boardwalk ticketing and requested a refund? My tix were from 8/23-29/2020. While disney extended them to 9/26/2021, I am considering refunding the whole thing. Is this even possible?

Does anyone know or tried? I sent them (BT) an email but no response yet.

I actually was coming here to post about this myself. I messaged them on Facebook last week asking them what we could do given we won’t be able to use our tickets until next summer (since Disney has said they would be valid through December). They said that they would refund the tickets and to email them at with my confirmation number and order number. I did just that but didn’t receive an email confirming the receipt of it or anything like that. Yesterday I sent a message through Facebook again asking if they could confirm if the email was received and also sent another email and I haven’t received a response from either. I was so hopeful that we would just get our refund but now I am getting quite nervous and am not sure what to do. I’m sure they are busy right now, so I’m trying to remain patient, but some sort of message letting me know they are working on it would be greatly appreciated.

In regards to Disney extending them to next year- how did you year about that? I’m curious if that is the case for ours. If it is, we’ll just keep them.

Never mind- I just looked on MDE and saw that our say through September of 2021 as well. Good to know! I hadn’t heard any different message other that just through December of this year, so I didn’t even bother to look in MDE in the midst of trying to get everything cancelled, rebooked, etc.

Thanks for letting me know re: refund via email. Yes, slightly un-nerving with no response but understandable given the circumstances. Although, good biz practice would be to at least send acknowledgement email.

Still deciding what to do about trip. awaiting to see what disney continues to roll out

I sent a message through Facebook again notifying them they could cancel the refund request and received a response:
“Hi Andrea, our apologies. We are very swamped with requests. I’ll take a look at your tickets and see if the refund was processed or not. Thanks for your patience.”
So, if you want the refund, send the email with your confirmation and order numbers (those numbers were in two separate emails for me) and just be patient I guess until they get around to it.

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thanks for the update. really helps in the decision making process. At least 1 less unknown for now.

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