Boardwalk Ticketing Phone Number

All, the confirmation code that came in my e-mail from Boardwalk Ticketing only has 10 of our 12 purchased tickets attached to it. Am I doing something wrong when I try to link them to MDE? Can WDW only link 10 tickets at a time? I have e-mailed Boardwalk Ticketing, but have not heard back from them yet. It has only been about 15 hours since I e-mailed, but I was thinking it might just be easier to call them. Does anyone know of a number to reach them at?

Much thanks!

This is a follow-up to my orignial post. To anyone who might be in the same boat that I was, the issue was with MDE. It can only link 10 tickets at a time. I had to call Disney I.T. to have the other two tickets linked. Boardwalk Ticketing had done everything correctly. The issue was simply a technical one.