Boardwalk Ticketing - Need quick answer please!

Trying to buy park tickets from Boardwalk Ticketing. They are only asking for one guest name, even though I am buying for 4 of us. (WDW asks for the name of each guest.) Is this ok? Will all tickets be in my name? Will I have trouble linking to each guest in MDE?

When you buy them and link them to your MDE you can then assign them to your friends and family.


Thank you for the quick reply!

Ok, I am a little worried here… I just bought (4) 8-day PH tickets from Boardwalk Ticketing valid 5/4/2021 - 5/15/2021. The total price that hit my Visa was $2,080.77. The TP Ticket Calculator said it would be $2,382.84. (Strangely, the email confirmation came from Boardwalk Ticketing, but it said “Thank you for purchasing your tickets with ParkSavers.” ?) Am I missing something here? Will tax be added later or something?

Are you sure that you ordered PH?

Confirmation reads (4) Adult 8-Day Park Hoppers!

Now, when I look at prices on the WDW website, it doesn’t allow me to choose 5/4/2021 as my first day because no parks are available. But my real 1st day in the parks is 5/8/2021, and I already have Park reservations (long story).

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I believe it is the same company now.

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I used them last year - same scenario. I panicked a bit, but all was well. No issues linking in MDE whatsoever. Had an issue where my mail server (iCloud) kept returning their email with the actual tickets. I contacted them via FB messenger, and they responded quickly and got it sorted out (had to have them sent the email to my gmail account). I would use them again, for sure.