Boardwalk studio May 2022- rent from family with non-home dvc points or 3rd party?

Hi guys! I was hoping someone could clarify something for me. My family is planning a trip to disney mid May 2022 and we are shooting for a boardwalk studio (x 2 since my parents are coming as well). I was planning on using DVC rental store for the reservation but my cousin mentioned she is a DVC member in Hilton Head and would be willing to rent points to us for the trip.

However, since Boardwalk is not her home resort, we cannot book that reservation through her until 7 months prior to the reservation, correct? Would I have a better chance of success going through a 3rd party like Dave’s or DVC rental in case someone with boardwalk as their home resort releases points?

Thanks so much for your help!

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I’m following along, I’m curious to see the answer.

Of course none of us know how covid and all of the unused banked points will impact availability but this tool/site might help:


Thank you!

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