Boardwalk Standard Studio

Please help. It’s our first trip to Disney for myself, my husband, and my girls :open_mouth:. We are staying at Boardwalk in a Standard Studio. Are all the views the same or is there a better view to request? I will have an 18 month old who will nap during the day so what room location would be the quietest to request? Thanks in advance!

Did you book direct with Disney or by renting points?

If you rented points the “view” will be the booked category and you cannot ask to change. If you booked direct with Disney then you may be able to request a specific view.

What does your booking confirmation say? That may help us advise.

In both cases you can put in a room request, like “close to elevators” or “higher floor”.

I am going to assume you are in the Villas. I would suggest requesting Building 2 or the South building. I’d also recommend a higher floor and near the elevator.