Boardwalk sleeper sofa; how bad are they?

For reference, the pull down murphy beds at Pop are fine for me- I can’t even tell the difference between that and the “real” bed, sleep-wise. Am planning a trip for next summer and considering staying at either Boardwalk or Old Key West. (2 real queens in the studios at OKW, vs the sleeper sofa at BWV) Am I going to be miserable in the sofa bed?

Will there be two of you sleeping on the sofa? Usually the sofa beds are very good but every once in awhile you will find one with an issue. This is what I found at BLT a couple of weeks ago

It was just me, so I was able to sleep in the sofa, not open. This was the only time I have had an issue and I have slept on sofa beds at SSR, Kidani, GFV, and CC.

We stayed at BWV in April and my DD17 slept on the sofa bed (pulled out) the whole trip. She had no complaints.

Just me on the sofa bed, fortunately. Good to know they aren’t universally terrible, bummer about that BLT one though!

I was able to sleep on the sofa with no issue! I just didn’t use the “bed” part after the first night.

My friends and I just stayed at BWV in July. We rotated sleeping on the sofa, but we didn’t pull it out and it was fine.

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BWV or BWI? BWI is just daybed but quite comfy. Have not done BWV.