Boardwalk’s studio

Please provide information about the studios at the Boardwalk, size of bed, location, etc.Suggestions for better room choices would be appreciated.

Do you know what room location you are booking? There are three locations: Boardwalk, pool/garden, and standard.

All rooms have the same set up. There is a queen bed, a queen couch bed, and a small pull down narrow twin bed that is hidden under the TV. When the twin bed is put away there is a small table and two chairs.

Every studio has a kitchenette with a 8-10 cup Mr Coffee Maker, a microwave, a toaster and a small dormish size refrigeration (small freezer section).

Most bathrooms have a sink area and an enclosed toilet tub/shower (wheelchair accessible rooms will be one large space).


Here is matterport of the studio

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I presume you mean the Villas side of Boardwalk versus the Inn side?

Yes I think the Villas side.

This is helpful, thank you. I am not as concerned with the view but would prefer a quieter space if possible.

Studios are only on the villas side. Did you book through Disney or through DVC?

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I am working through an agent at Dreams Travel.

Since there are three bookable categories, where your room is, and room requests, will depend on the view.

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Probably a standard view, unless there are other advantages to garden or water views

That would be a booking through their relationship with the DVC Rental. Did you book already? If you did, look in MDE to see what view it is, and we can help you with areas to request. If you haven’t linked yet, you should ask the agent. Most likely it is pool/garden.

Okay I will clarify once I have a confirmed booking
Thank you!

Once you know your booking we can help you with areas and you can use the touring plans room request feature to request rooms/general areas. It is only a request but sometimes it helps.

Sounds good, thank you!

Standard view is cheaper and all of those rooms should be quieter because they are a little further from the main areas - they are closer to the HS walking path too. Boardwalk view is spectacular but can be louder. This is the hardest to get catagory. Garden/Pool view is the most common and probably what you will end up with.

You can use touring plans room finder and put in a request for a garden view vs pool view through the room request tool (though nothing is gaurunteed except the room catagory)

This is helpful- thank you!

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I recently stayed in a BWV Studio on the 3rd floor opposite the community hall/pool. (Room 3110)

It was very quiet. Temps in the mid 30s C but we never noticed anyone using this smaller pool.

My one observation was that all of the elevators are back in the main lobby area.
So, yes our room was close to the path to DHS but because we were bringing a stroller, we had to walk 5 minutes away from DHS, take the elevator down, and then re-trace that 5-minute walk.

Not a long distance but it did nullify any advantage to being closer to DHS.

True point. My DD was in a wheelchair so we had this issue too. The elevators are hard to find.

But if you don’t have a stroller/ECV/wheelchair and land the 2nd floor (lobby level) you have a sweet set up.

Also, I highly recommend the community hall that is right there by the quiet pool.

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Thank you for this helpful information.
I think the lobby area would be best.

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