Boardwalk room requests?

Hi all, I have boardwalk 2br lock off booked for the last week in June. This will be our first stay at the boardwalk and we’re very excited. I’m wondering what room/area to request? We have a pool/garden view room booked. Does anyone have recommendations, or pictures (bonus) to share?

I’m curious as well. I stayed at BW 3 years ago and had a Crescent Lake view (but no balcony)
Looking forward to seeing Garden view room recommendations :+1:t3:

The only request we made was to be close to the main area, as I have health problems that can make a long trek difficult at the end of the night (and I’m determined to skip a scooter this trip, especially with next week’s forecast!!).

We check in tomorrow, have a garden view. If it’s a good one, I can let you know the details. :smile:

So excited! We leave for the airport in 9 hour. Woo-HOO. (I need to finish packing!)

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