Boardwalk Room Categories?


On the room selection tool for the Boardwalk Resort, there are separate categories for "standard view - two queen beds" and "standard view - two queen beds plus daybed." The daybed category lists a total of five rooms throughout the resort. Anyone know the difference? I thought all the rooms had a daybed (a fold-out sofa).


According to the official site, not all standard rooms sleep 5.

There are several options listed:

2 queen + 1 day bed
1 king + 1 day bed
2 queen
1 king

For water view, there's

2 queen + 1 day bed
2 queen
1 king

I imagine you will only be guaranteed a day bed if you have 5 in your reservation. Otherwise you can request one but not guaranteed to get it.

Also the BC day bed is not a fold out sofa, it's a normal day bed.


I'm guessing the room I want on the room finder is "two queen beds," as opposed to "two queen beds plus daybed." I have scoured the interwebs and have been unable to locate a photo of a Boardwalk standard room without a sofa bed. Also, looking at the Touring Plans write-up of the Boardwalk, it says "Most contain two queen-size beds with hardwood headboards, an upholstered sleeper sofa . . . ." Based on this, I am assuming that the rooms containing a sleeper sofa are not limited to the five on the room finder tool that say "daybed," but rather the (far more numerous) rooms listed as "two queen beds."


what did you end up doing and learning? I am headed there in April, and was wondering exactly the same thing, with just the 5 rooms listed with day bed, thinking maybe the day bed is different/smaller than the sleeper sofa?