Boardwalk or Yacht Club for a one night?

We have a last minute change in plans for next weekend’s visit for the AP SWGE preview. Going to stay at one of the other Saturday night. Price difference is only two dollars. We have never stayed at either. Any info or opinions welcome.

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I am going to say YC just for more balconies!

If you are planning any pool time, Yacht Club. Otherwise, I don’t think it really matters!

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Boardwalk is slightly closer (0.3 mile) to Hollywood if you were planning on walking.

I’d do yacht club and swim. Stormalong Bay is a hoot.

I like both places but I’d also stay at BWI just because it is closer to DHS. There’s no bus transport to DHS (or ECPOT, for that matter) so it’s the boat or your feet and the boat is far too slow. It’s about a 20-25 minute ride from YC, or 25-30 minute ride from BWI,