Boardwalk or wilderness New Years weekend?

We are torn between these two resort for December 30- January 2. Please help!

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Not even a question. WL at the Christmas season is top level Disney.


Where will you be NY Eve ? Is BW available ?

Yes to both

We did WL at Thanksgiving in 2019 and it is fantastic. I could just live at that resort if I had enough money. But I haven’t been to Boardwalk, so I can’t advise. WL was so good though that it would be my go to resort if and when I can go back.

I would choose based on whether to you want to do MK or EP for NYE

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We stayed at Boardwalk this past December, but visited WL. WL was absolutely gorgeous. I think I could just sit in the lobby and take it all in for hours.

I cannot speak to the rooms at WL. But from a Christmastime flair perspective, I would give WL the win.

Having said that, we absolutely loved BW and plan to make it our go-to resort of choice for return visits. Location of BW is better than the location of WL, IMO, unless you plan to focus mostly on MK.

Do you intend to go to EPCOT for the midnight fireworks on New Year’s Eve? If so, then being able to walk back to the Boardwalk afterwards is a big advantage over a likely one hour wait for a bus and then another half an hour to get to the Wilderness Lodge because of traffic.

No we will be at MK New Year’s Eve

Then WL would be my pick.

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I would stay closest to where you want to be. Both are on my list for places to stay someday!

We can also save money by staying at pop or Coronado tower . I can’t decide !

Love the tower but for they time of the year and for your purposes of MK, I still say WL

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