Boardwalk Inn

Can you tell me about the Boardwalk Resort? If I am standing on the BW, what side are the DVC? Do all the rooms have full balconies?

I don't think all the rooms at BW have balconies - my friend stayed there for Princess last February, and IIRC, she had that available as an option to request. Not sure about the DVC side - hope someone can answer this for you!

Not an expert on BWV by any means but I believe the villas are on the right side if viewing the Boardwalk from the lake. Toward the Swalfin. I am going in 41 days and will be staying there.

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Is the only place to fill your resort mug with coffee in the morning at the bakery? Is there a self serve island or do you have to wait in line and hand it to someone to fill?

I changed the title of this thread slightly because when I searched for info on BW it did not come up. Anyone have any experience on where you fill your rapid refill mugs and if it is in front of the counter at the bakery or do you have to stand in line?

Darn! I was under the impression that all rooms had either a balcony or a walk out patio frowning

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Pretty sure there is a self serve station in the Boardwalk Bakery. I'm not sure if there is any other place available to refill those mugs.

I stayed at BW last weekend. It was the first resort I have stayed at in the last couple of years that I was not met at DME by a CM with an iPad. The checkin lines were not long for online or regular checking. I did see CMs later in the day so they may have been busy. I had booked the room as a Bounceback during my May weekend. I had booked a standard view room and they told me they “upgraded” my room. I am not having any luck attaching a photo fon my iPad, I’ll try later from my phone.

When I did online checkin a balcony was not a choice. I picked upper floor since I really wanted a balcony. My upgrade was to one of the few rooms on the 5th floor with a BW view without a balcony. It was a stunning view and I was thrilled that Disney upgraded me.

I enjoyed the location and we found the walk to HS was 13 minutes in the morning but 18 mid-afternoon (we had lunch at HBD so we were slow).

The refill area is in the bakery. There is a separate door. It is the farther right one as you face to bakery. I’m going to throw in that Starbucks lovin’ DH hated the coffee there, though. Actually, I promised to post a question on where we can find the best coffee in the Boardwalk area for our next trip. Thanks for reminding me!

Are you staying at BW. We were there in March 2014. Loved it. Except for the coffee :wink:

Oh sorry this is old news now LOL

I was able to post! This was the view!


OMG! that’s what I call an UPGRADE! That’s awesome. :smile:

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When I stayed there we were on the top floor as close to DHS as possible, the last room by the stairs actually. Close to community hall but really far to everything else.

It is funny, after stating so many times at POR, I am never bothered walking at the deluxes. It always feels closer to me.