Boardwalk Inn standard room recommendations

Hi, I have a standard room at BWI for my family of 5. My wife has trouble with her foot so we are trying to minimize the additional walking she does while at WDW. Can anyone recommend a room that is very close to the lobby? Thanks so much. Vince

Hi Vince! You’re in the wrong area, this should be posted in Walt Disney World. But I recommend you use the Touring Plans Room Finder to see what rooms are closest to the points you want to be.

Keep in mind, the location for buses to Disney Springs, Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom are on one side of the hotel, and the walkways and boats to Epcot and Hollywood Studios are on the other side. You may want to pick a room that’s closest to the park you’ll spend the most time in. Some hotels have wheelchairs that can be borrowed, but must stay at the resort.

Shoot - sorry about that! I will repost. Thanks for pointing this out.

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