We have reservations for Boardwalk Inn during the week of Thanksgiving. Would love some more recent reviews. TIA.

Haven’t stayed in a while - however thought it was a nice resort. Upscale but casual. Nice distance to EPCOT and HS ( I would walk and skip the boat to HS).

Rooms were nice and spacious and the grounds were nice. Workout room (wouldn’t call it a gym) was good as well. Overall very relaxing and enjoyable.

Two points that I have though
1 - The hallways are VERY long - so if you are at a room far from the lobby - you will be walking a bit. Nice thing is - you can walk outside and that is really nice
2 - Didn’t like the clown in the pool - creeped me out - looked like the clown from IT. Went to quite pool instead.

Overall very much liked the resort

We’ve stayed at Boardwalk Villas twice recently… ditto the comment about the looong hallways that can make for a long walk to the room, but that’s par for the course everywhere at WDW except maybe Contemporary. At least the rooms/villas (it’s kind of unique in that the villas are not a completely separate entity there… they share one lobby and all services, with the inn to the right of the lobby and the villas to the left) are all in one building, unlike Poly or GF. The restaurants, quick service locations (you’ll fill mugs at the bakery if you get them), and all but the smallest sundries shop are out on the Boardwalk. There is plenty of variety, though, which we really liked. You’re also a short walk away from the character breakfast at Cape May Cafe, which we love.

We really like the clown pool, and its water slide. The pool is fairly deep at the slide end (but not right at the mouth of the slide), though. I’m 5’4" and the water comes up to my chin or a little higher if the pool is really full. The snack bar is decent, and has a nice selection of snacks and beverages (with and without alcohol). The slide is quite a climb, but it’s worth it! They have movies out on the lawn in the evenings, and there are little performances by jugglers and such that go on in the evenings along the boardwalk and occasionally in the lobby, too.

The walk to Epcot is lovely, and HS is a bit further but definitely doable. The boats take a little long since they stop at Beach & Yacht Club, and the Dolphin/Swan, but it’s a nice ride. There usually will not be busses to either unless the weather is bad enough to keep the boats from running. Buses to and from MK, AK, and DS also stop at Dolphin/Swan occasionally, and we’d usually get out there and walk back to the hotel. We never waited more than 10-15 minutes for a bus, except one time when it was monsoon raining but the bus stop and the walkway to it are both covered.

Great!! Thank you so much. My older children are excited about being next to Epcot. We hope to go there a couple of times. My little one will be excited about the pool. I will try to request a room close to the lobby as well. Thanks again for the feedback.

I hope to get a room close to the lobby as I keep hearing about the long hike. It’s funny you mention the pool as my daughter is not fond of clowns but she will be ok. She’s 16 and my son who will want to swim there probably won’t be so great at the quiet pool. He’s 6. Thank you for the feedback. I appreciate it.