Boarding passes for pre-dawn departure?

We’re flying on Southwest, and for the first time ever I am unable to access mobile boarding passes through the app or texted to my phone. Have seen SW Q&A boards trying to resolve this, and the official answer really seems to be that you can’t get mobile boarding passes if you have multiple people on your reservation. Which seems like utter nonsense.

At any rate, we’re taking DME to MCO, but at like 4 am, for a very early flight. Too early to use resort airline check-in for our checked bag. But will Disney still print our boarding passes for us?

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I believe that you can check in, and print, at the DME desk at the airport beginning at 5am. They will also take your luggage.

Someone with more recent info, please correct me, if I’m wrong.

It does say it’s only open between 5am and noon, and anything outside of that will need to be dealt with at the airline’s counter. I would take this as a no for the day off departure. Are you able to do it at the wdw check in area the morning before perhaps? I’m not sure of timelines and rules etc for your airline.

There are kiosks at the airport that you can use to print your boarding passes. Near the soutwest desks.

It’s so easy to print your passes at the airport. Kiosks are right near bag check. We had a flight like yours last trip and that’s what we did.

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You can stop at concierge/front desk after you check in online and they will print them for you.

For years I would go to the front desk and ask them to print a pass for me. I just needed to give them the last name and confirmation number.

I flew southwest last week. DME had printed boarding passes in the envelope that they give the day before. It included those boarding passes and the paper that gives your resort pickup time and the letter you need to give to the bus driver.

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I usually get those too but the Poly told me that is done by an outside company and sometimes they miss people.

I had this exact situation 3 years ago. The front desk will print boarding passes 24 hours before your departure. I have have had them print every time since

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Great, thanks. When I’ve taken DME with a participating airline I’ve previously gotten boarding passes the night before, but was always taking a bus when the resort airline check-in desk would be open. I know there’s kiosks at the airport, but we’ll be up at 3 am with a 7yo, hoping to minimize the hassle if possible. Thanks for everyone’s input!

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