Boarding group iOS Shortcuts hack?

I’m new to Shortcuts on the iPhone, so this might be a stupid question. For those unaware, Shortcuts is a built in iOS automation app.

From what I’ve read, the key to boarding group succeeds is to open the app at 7:59:45 and then hit status, then join. I know I could just do that, but being that seconds are literally the difference between getting to ride in the morning vs evening, perhaps there is something to be done in Shortcuts to “automate” a low group. Thoughts?

That is an interesting thought.

Are you thinking of having the app launch at a specific time? The time based automations require approval, so it would give you a notification, which you would have to approve, then fingerprint to open the app. All of that took me seconds to do, probably faster than launching the app manually so it should work.

I would be interested to see if it’s possible to write a script to actually run the “find out more” and “join boarding group”. I’m not seeing anything that indicates that the automation will interact with the app once opened though.

ETA: the automation for time does not have a seconds input, just hour and minute, but I was in the app within 5 seconds of the reminder popping up.

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I’ve been playing around with it as well. Unfortunately, I just don’t think the Shortcuts app is robust enough to automate everything I’d want it to do.

In my mind, I could build a macro of sorts that would do all the work for me (I work in spreadsheets all day, so that’s where my mind goes) and reload itself when needed. In theory, it’s possible, but not without more Shortcuts custom screen pressing options.

I agree. It seems like it’s mainly for things we could ask Siri to do, and not too much more.