Blue Man Group Discount for recent picture

Experience The Mystery Blue Man Group
Limited Time Exclusive Blue Man Group Offer

Save Up To $45
As a thank you for purchasing a Universal Orlando® vacation package we have an exclusive Blue Man Group Offer just for you. Add Blue Man Group tickets to your vacation package for only $52.99* per adult, tax inclusive and $30.99* per child (ages 3-9), tax inclusive.

Experience the mystery, the humor, the euphoria and the indescribable celebration of art, technology, and music that is Blue Man Group at Universal Orlando® Resort. It combines science and laughter, and makes for an explosive evening of entertainment.
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Wasn't sure about spending the money on Blue Man Group, but with this latest offer I'm all in. Are these types of discounts for Blue Man available in other places, or is this a pretty decent deal to be offered from Universal?

It is a show worth seeing. I have seen the show once in Orlando, and at least 3 times in NYC. Great show!

Thank you for confirming, my husband loves them, so this may be a good Birthday present for him.

It is a great show, they convey so many expressions and lots of humor