Blue Flag Ferry Route

Good afternoon, I just wanted to confirm that the blue flag ferry that travels between Wilderness Lodge, the Contempory, and Fort Wilderness travels clockwise in the morning, so that means after pick up at WL the first stop is at the Contemporary. Does anyone know how often those boats run? I am planning on taking that ferry to the Contemporary from WL so we can make it to rope drop in time.

First boats should start running at about 6:45 AM which will give you plenty of time to get where you need to be. I’d say that if you just miss one boat you might wait 15-20 min for the next one. The ride from WL to Contemporary is maybe 10 min tops. We made PPO BOG reservations at 8:00 from FW with ease.

When we were there a couple weeks ago, every boat we took leaving FW stopped at WL before heading to Contemporary. In the evenings it seemed like there was always 2 boats at the Contemporary dock, Left boat to FW and Right boat to WL.

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When you go to the boat dock at WL, it’s clearly marked which boat goes where. One in the morning went directly to MK. You wouldn’t have to go to contemporary for RD. Took direct boat from WL to MK and made RD twice that week.