Blue Bayou or Carthay Circle


So originally we were going to do a character breakfast, I have done Goofy’s and PCH ( PCH being my fave of the two) but I was really trying to score a reservation at the Plaza. Since I can’t get it I think we will opt for a nice lunch instead. So my question is Blue Bayou or Carthay? I’ve never done BB and only done the lounge at carthay . also lunch or dinner? the menus are pretty much the same.


I really enjoyed the Fantasmic BB package for lunch. $60 gets you a salad or soup, entree, and dessert. For $5 you can get the seafood appetizer which my wife and I split with plenty to spare.


This is a tough one because we love both. It might depend on the time of year for me. Lunch at BB is such a nice break on a hot day. You almost forget that the sun will still be blazing down outside.
But we like to do the World of Color dining at CC too.
We like the food at both and like to do a late lunch/early dinner since we only do one big meal a day. I think you will be happy either place.


Is both possible? We ate at both and they were each excellent. I’d lean Blue Bayou because it is tougher to get in and a more unique experience with the Pirates ride right there - although perhaps we got lucky to get a “river side” seat which immersed us more in the ride. We were able to pick up a Carthay lunch reservation day of and never could find a Blue Bayou for a 2nd visit. For that reason I’d book Blue Bayou and then if time allowed look to do Carthay as a drop-in. Both are a lot of fun offering both excellent food and environment…


This is very excellent & wise advice! We’ve only been to each of them once, but have been wanting to go back to both (I will admit though, our plan to go back to CC is largely based on the fact that we want to redeem the less than awesome experience we had there the first time- but we just love the ambiance of it).